Yoga Therapy  

Moving with ease and grace. Yoga Therapy to address injuries, chronic pain and repetitive strain disorders.


As no two snowflakes are alike, no two bodies are alike. Yoga as Structural Therapy sessions work one on one to address your unique misalignments in the body that cause or contribute to poor healing of injuries or chronic pain patterns. These sessions are videotaped and you are encourage to practice at home to your video. 


What to bring: Shorts, t-shirt or tank top and an open mind and faith that your chronic pain can finally be resolved.

Below is a clip of what happens to our tissue when we don’t move in a variety of ways.  

Picture this common scenario: You have pain in your knees, chronic neck tension and a tricky shoulder. You get massage and rub it where it hurts which helps for a few days, you get chiropractic adjustments that help for maybe a week or two, you have exhausted your physical therapy appointments that have helped to a degree but then you plateaued. What now? Surgery or a lifetime of pain or anti-inflammatory medications?

What if they are all connected?

What if that knee pain or neck pain is coming from somewhere else in the body. Maybe a imbalance in your hips and pelvis and what if that same imbalance in the hips and pelvis are throwing your spine out of alignment and tilting your shoulders and head in a way that creates strain. Your rubbing or adjusting whats far away from the source has only little relief. What if we find the source and address it from there.

Yoga as Structural Therapy and Structural Integration Bodywork are whole body approaches. I find after years of massaging peoples aches and pains “where it hurts” to little long term solution and then watching people move in yoga classes and seeing how they compensate as they move. Through the years seeing common patterns in people and realizing that where it hurts is often the victim area of the body and the problem area or the culprit is often silent and somewhere else. When you continue to rub or stretch where it hurts and it doesn't get better its time to look elsewhere. Continuing to focus on the wrong area could be exasperating the issue further. When we massage or stretch the culprit, even in a short period of time, areas that had been chronic for years shift dramatically and pain, discomfort, restrictions disappear.

$100 a session with Video