My treatment approach is diverse. I try to look at each individual and put the puzzle together of what might be the deeper underlying cause of the situation at hand. For those seeking deep changes in the body, I prefer the work of Structural Integration (SI) or whats commonly known as Rolfing. SI is deep focused work given over a series of 3-12 sessions. 

For those wanting to relax from their stressful lives I prefer the work of Massage therapy and for those who are ready and wanting to address the issues in their body with something they can do at home, I prefer to meet one on one and tailor a yoga home routine for them. For more information on what I offer, click the pictures below. 

 Treatment Approach  

Structural Integration
Structural Integration
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Massage Therapy
Massage Therapy
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Yoga Therapy
Yoga Therapy
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I was surprised that what seemed like minor manipulations, translated into immediate change. This work exceeded my expectations.
I recommend!                                     Pam 2014

Thank you again for helping me with my back issues this means a lot to me. It has taken me six years of trying everything and you
helped the most with three visits. I have not been to a chiropractor for four months which is a seven year record for me.

Ed 2014 

I started seeing Melonie 10 months ago due to a severe shoulder problem, chronic pain and very limited range of motion. I had been to a number doctors and chiropractors, with little improvement, and had been advised that I may need surgery.  My sessions included therapeutic massage and structural yoga.I now have nearly full use of my right  arm and shoulder.  
Thank you Melonie!   

Ann 2013

i was Wowed....Melonie was/is now one of my top 5 therapists i have had the honor/privilege/rapture to receive body work from...and this is an Elite list i am talking about.....
not only was it an Above & Beyond experience from a purely qualitative/aesthetic standpoint....once again this womyn has Knowledge...
i have a problem hip.....and for Years lying on my stomach on the massage table was not always a pleasant experience....Melonie showed me this trick with a bolster which turned my Massage Receiving World Upside Down....

Skye 2102 


The best therapeutic massage in Vancouver / Portland!  After a long and exhaustive search, Melonie has been my massage therapist for over 4 years.  She is amazing!  My overall health has improved greatly from her massages!  I simply can not recommend her enough.       


                                                          Jackson  2012

I have been getting therapeutic massage by Melonie Nielsen for over 3 years now.  I have to say I have had several other massage therapist's in the past, and Melonie is by far the best I have ever had.  If you are looking for a regular massage therapist or just a one time relaxing massage, Melonie comes with a five star rating!  You will leave with all your muscles relaxed and feel amazing!

                                                        Shawn 2013


I found Vancouver Yoga Center while looking for a massage therapist. Melonie is the BEST. Not only are her rates more competitive than others, she is an amazing masseuse!

Tracey 2012