You don't have to live with pain.
Structural Integration


Structural Integration is a goal focused therapeutic modality. This form of bodywork is ideal for those who have injuries, chronic pain, restrictions in movements or poor alignment in your posture that is inhibiting your health and wellbeing.

Massage Therapy


Massage helps to relieve stress and tensions in the body and mind. Relaxing and tonifying, massage decreases blood pressure, improves circulation and lymph flow. 


Yoga Therapy


Yoga as Structural Therapy sessions work one on one through movement to address your unique misalignments in your body that cause or contribute to poor healing of injuries or chronic pain patterns. 

Melonie Nielsen LMP


Licensed Massage Therapist and Structural Integration Practitioner in Vancouver WA USA. In practice for over two decades. Focusing on restructuring/aligning your body to ease chronic pain patterns.

Over two decades of experience, in the heart of Vancouver WA